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October 2023:

We were very blessed to travel to Scotland with Scotus Tours in October, 2023. We can both confidently say that it was a wonderful trip and was greatly enjoyed by every member of our group. Jim Wallace did an excellent job planning our itinerary and overseeing all the details of the tour, including transportation, meals, lodging, and tickets to the various sites we visited. Moreover, he was a gracious host, making everyone feel welcome and providing unique insight into the people, heritage and history of the places we were visiting. The beauty of Scotland is simply stunning. We would highly recommend Scotus Tours and Jim Wallace to anyone considering a trip to this unique and historic country.

Rev. Jim Porter, First Presbyterian Church, Elk Rapids, MI

Rev. Jaime Klinger, First Presbyterian Church, East Jordan, MI

October 2023:

Following my third tour with Jim Wallace, I am enthusiastic and confident in recommending his services. Jim is knowledgeable and personally familiar with the places and rich history of Scotland. Equally important, he takes a personal interest in the success of each tour and adapts these rich resources to our group objectives. For me this has been a fruitful partnership that has allowed us to experience things we would not do on our own.

Rev. Lloyd Griffith

First Presbyterian Church, New Bern, NC

June 2023:

This is my second tour wth Scotus Tours and Jim Wallace, but my first with a group from my church. The reason I chose to return to Scotland is simply Jim Wallace. A wonderful and passionate host who cares deeply about his country but also understands what Americans are like. Jim shared the history of his homeland and made it come alive. He included the energy of the big city of Edinburgh, the rugged beauty of the Highlands, the beauty of St Andrews and the spiritual foundation of Iona. Our group simply fell in love wth Scotland. He takes care of all the details to make for a smooth adventure and does so with reverence, humor, and a kind, gentle spirit. In addition to seeing the highlights, he builds in plenty of free time for individual exploration and fun. The accommodations are top-notch, the food is very good and the bus is comfortable. I cannot recommend Scotus Tours enough. I will be booking another adventure with Jim soon!

Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Caine

Indian Hill Church, Cincinnati, OH

June 2023:

Jim provided a truly exceptional experience for our group! While we have toured previously with him, this large group of 72 included a 45-voice choir that sang two concerts and one worship service. The venues were perfect, the hospitality was warm, and the appreciative audiences and congregation made for an experience we will never forget. We are already looking forward to our next tour with Jim!

Rev. Dr. Michael Waschevski

First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, TX 

April 2023:

I cannot recommend Scotus Tours and Jim Wallace enough. Our tour of Scotland was, at the same time, varied enough to see different aspects of the nation and its people and comprehensive enough that we never felt rushed. To boot: Jim is wonderfully personable and kind. Book with confidence!

Rev. Landon Whitsitt

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City, OK

October 2022:

I had the privilege of traveling with Scotus Tours in fall 2022 with a group from our church. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend this trip. Our host, Rev. Jim Wallace, was well-organized, knowledgeable, personable and a delight to be with. He took care of all the details so we could just enjoy being fully present. The tour was expertly balanced, allowing the group to see lots without becoming overwhelmed or exhausted. It afforded us the opportunity to learn about Scottish history, experience the beauty of the countryside, enjoy the unique culture of Scotland, and visit some of the sacred sites important to the church. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Scotus Tours again!

Rev. Seth Lovell

Olivet Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA

October 2022:

Working with Scotus Tours was the best decision I could have made for planning my first international pilgrimage with a church group. Jim answered all of my questions in a timely manner and gave my group and I a lot of grace as we navigated the ever-changing world of covid and the anxiety that brings. Jim and his team made preparing for the pilgrimage easy and being on pilgrimage even easier. They handled all of the logistics. All I had to do was get my group to Scotland and they took us from there. If you want to see a lot of Scotland's beauty with minimal planning Scotus Tours is 100% worth it.

Rev. Megan Berry

First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor, MI

June 2022:

From Scotland's cities overflowing with history to the islands steeped with spirit, Jim Wallace created, organized and offered us such a meaningful and memorable learning journey. Scotus Tours exceeded our expectations, even our hopes!

Rev. Lawrence Bartel

Oxford Presbyterian Church, Oxford, OH

June 2022:

Our pilgrimage to Scotland with Jim Wallace and Scotus Tours was all that we had hoped it would be and more. Jim's credentials as a minister in the Church of Scotland, and having served as a pastor in the PCUSA, made him uniquely qualified to lead us as we walked in the footsteps of John Knox. We appreciated the foundation of faith on the tour - morning prayers, visiting various kirks, including Sunday morning worship, and mid-day prayers at St Giles' Cathedral. We learned much about Scottish history and our Presbyterian heritage. The local tour guides that Jim arranged were outstanding, as well. 

I highly recommend Scotus Tours and Jim Wallace. I'm already plotting our return visit!

Rev. Paul Gilmore

Winnetka Presbyterian Church, IL

May 2022:

Scotus Tours is the company to use for travel in Scotland. Every detail was handled expertly and our custom trip contained all that our group had hoped for and much more. Each detail was planned for the maximum experience of this beautiful and historical country and with an intentionality which allowed for time to be restful and enjoy each moment. We felt like we did it all but returned relaxed and renewed. We were grateful for Jim's expertise and Scottish humor! 

Rev. Dr. Lisa Patterson

St  Andrew Presbyterian Church, Denton, TX

May 2022:

We used Scotus Tours for our pilgrimage trip in May 2022 and found Jim extremely helpful both in setting up our tour and then leading us each day. He was professional, knowledgeable and a great person to have on our trip. I would highly recommend using Scotus Tours for your next trip to Scotland.

Rev. Jack F. McNary

Northminster Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, CA

May 2019:

I highly recommend Scotus Tours to any group considering a tour of Scotland, particularly to church groups wanting to explore their church heritage. We took over 40 people from Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church and it was a pleasure to have Jim Wallace lead us from Edinburgh, through Glasgow to Iona, Inverness, Perth and St. Andrews. The tour was a perfect balance of time together and space to explore on our own. The fact that Jim is a Presbyterian pastor from Scotland who has served a church in the United States makes him a perfect guide for American Presbyterians. He offers a depth of knowledge about our Christian heritage, a thoughtful and easy manner as a guide, and a terrific sense of humor. Our group was united in praise of the content, rhythm, accommodations and great meals we shared. I hope we can go again in the future with Jim as our guide.

Rev. Dr. Agnes W. Norfleet

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, PA

May 2018:

Jim Wallace showed our group beautiful, spiritual and historic places in Scotland, quoting Robert Burns and sharing facts along the way. The tour was impeccably planned, with stops in lovely hotels in scenic towns all over the country. I hope to travel with Scotus Tours again!

Mary Boyd

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN

April 2018:

Traveling with Scotus Tours is like traveling with extended family. Jim organizes tours in such a way that you can feel the history - really see God's work in one of the world's thin places. Jim's combination of pastoral leadership, attention to personal details, and joy in sharing Scotland make Scotus Tours the best company for our church to travel with.

Rev. Phil Brown

St. Luke's Presbyterian Church, Dunwoody, GA

October 2017:

In my experience, the choice of a tour company is the single most important decision a group leader will make in planning a trip. A mediocre tour company or an inattentive tour guide can ruin a group's experience, while a good one can make it a trip of a lifetime. Jim wallace and Scotus Tours made my group's experience a trip of a lifetime experience. I'll be going back with Jim and Scotus Tours soon, and a number of my group will go again. Thank you for exceeding my highest expectations!

Rev. Dr. Stuart Baskin

First Presbyterian Church, Tyler, TX

May 2017:

The entire tour, from the planning phase to the trip itself, was such an enjoyable experience. Jim is well organized and makes registration easy.

I really appreciated the following aspects  -

I have heard from everyone in our group how wonderful the experience was and I can't wait to get back to Scotland! If anyone is planning a tour to Scotland with a church group, I could not more strongly recommend Scotus Tours.

Rev. Jon Frost

Westminster Presbyterian Church, West Chester, PA

June 2017:

Jim is a treasure. As a pastor, he not only greatly improved our experience traveling through Scotland and learning about its religious history, but was also aware of group dynamics and what is valuable to a community of faith traveling together. On my part, he made the trip far easier (and far more delicious!) than if we had arranged it ourselves. It's about the easiest trip we've ever taken with a group but I'm sure we'll be receiving its benefits of fellowship and bonding for years to come! If you get a chance to travel with Jim, take it!

Rev. Casey Thompson

Wayne Prebyterian Church, Wayne, PA

May 2017:

Scotus Tours helped make this a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual pilgrimage, bonding experience, and tour of Scotland's beautiful scenery. Every participant in our travel pilgrimage came away with a special affection for the country, a deeper appreciation of the faith and legacy of our forebears, and a deeper love for each other. Scotus Tours combined quality service, cuisine, and care of our group with affordability and efficiency. In short, we are ready to return!

Rev. Dr. Chris Currie

First Presbyterian Church, Shreveport, LA

June 2017:

If you're searching for a company to help guide you and your parishioners around Scotland, look no further than Scotus Tours. Led by Church of Scotland minister Jim Wallace, our church members from Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in NYC had a wondeful time gallivanting around Scotland together in June of 2017. Everything was top notch, from the hotels to the food to the comfortable coach, and in the very knowledgeable and capable hands of Rev Wallace our understanding of the history of the country and our Presbyterian heritage came alive. Our church members raved about the great time they had and I'm sure yours will too!

Rev. Randy Weber, Associate Pastor Emeritus

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York

April 2017:

Thank you for providing everything that our choir needed for our journey through Scotland. Our singers performed at their best, partly because of the comfort they had with the selection of venues and the friendly people associated with each of them. The itinerary gave us a balance of musical experiences and immersion into the Scottish culture. The care you took in handling the smallest of details was evident throughout the trip. All the best!

Tom DiGiovanni, Organist, Co-Director of Music

Old Greenwich Presbyterian Church, Stewartsville, NJ

October 2016:

Dear Jim - We are all back safely and singing the praises of our pilgrimage to Iona. Your leadership in planning and guiding our trip was most professional, yet warm and personal. Over the course of the pilgrimage you became one of our group. I would just like to confirm again, your confidence that this could happen was a big factor in hanging on long enough to attract the pilgrims to make this a rich experience. I found you with a recommendation and I am excited to sing your praises to others.

With much appreciation,

Rev. Lloyd Griffith, Parish Associate

FPC New Bern, NC

September 2016:

Our experience with Scotus Tours was incredible. Jim was an incredible tour guide and his knowledge and experience with the entire country is top rate. Jim created the perfect tour for our group, not an easy task since we had a unique mixture of Millenials, Gen X'ers and Boomers. His hospitality allowed everyone to travel at a healthy pace, while his foresight gave us wonderful opportunities to visit cherished locations at ideal times. I ardently recommend traveling to Scotland using Scotus Tours. Trust the logistics to Jim and enjoy!

Rev. Jacob Bolton

Pelham, NY

July 2016:

Touring with Jim was a transformational experience for our church group. We reconnected with our spiritual heritage, forged new relationships and enjoyed many highlights of the rich feast that is Scotland's landscape and culture. Jim is professional, pastoral and tremendously kind, with a fine Scottish brogue and a witty sense of humor to boot! I highly recommend Jim and Scotus Tours. You won't be disappointed.

Rev. Jeff Lehn

First Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN

April 2015:

Rev. Wallace planned and led an absolutely wonderful trip for our group from First Presbyterian Church. Jim was gracious and enjoyable to work with, managed the details of the trip with ease, communicated frequently and helpfully before arriving, and led a very memorable tour once in Scotland. The trip was enjoyed by our entire group! Having led a number of trips to Scotland, I will only use Jim and Scotus Tours in the future!

Rev. Dr. Michael Waschevski,

Fort Worth, TX

May/June 2015:

We journeyed to Scotland to explore our Presbyterian roots as we celebrated our 150th anniversary as a church. We got so much more than just a history lesson! We learned about the spirituality of Iona. We stood in cathedrals where the preaching of the Scottish Reformers stirred deep passions. We journeyed to the highlands and even took in the snowy peak of Ben Nevis. We experienced the beauty of the lochs of Scotland where, try as we might, we could not spot Nessie. Our bus was met by friendly sheepdogs eager to heed the sharp whistles of their master and herd their charges - the sheep look much less excited! We followed the trails of martyrs and prayed on the windswept beach at St Andrews. We took pictures on the famous bridge at the Old Course. Our meals were wonderful. We slept in hotels with character. The shopping on the Royal Mile was delightful. The views from the castle at Edinburgh amazing. And, of course, we learned so much about our heritage as Presbyterians. We soon realized that 150 years makes us just a youngster of a church compared to our Scottish forebears.

Jim was an engaging host who was never at a loss for a story to bring our travels to life. And he taught us a fair share of some wonderful Scottish terms. We highly recommend a trip with Jim Wallace and Scotus Tours of Scotland.

Rev. David R. Smith, Pastor

First Presbyterian Church of Marietta, Ohio

July 2015:


Looking back on our recent trip to Scotland, I can't think of a way to adequately thank you for the superb job you did in planning, leading and looking after all of us on our pilgrimage. Every detail was carefully planned, and all of us got to gain a deeper knowledge of our Presbyterian and Reformation roots. As a Church of Scotland pastor, your unique understanding of the Scottish church as well as of the land that gave it birth was a blessing from which we all benefitted. Whether it be our visit to the Abbey at Iona or noon services in St Giles Cathedral, the climb up the Wallace Monument or the visit to the Scottish Parliament, we saw more than the casual visitor would see. Thank you too for providing Historic Scotland guides who gave us in depth understanding of particular sites of Reformation and Scottish history. From the service of welcome to times of reflection about the day, this was a different kind of experience, and everyone felt a part of it. I have returned to America with a renewed appreciation for the history of Scotland, the roots of Presbyterianism deep in the soil of the Scottish earth, and the warmth and hospitality of yourself and everyone whom we met. Thank you for all you did to make this a memorable experience in our historic Presbyterian homeland.

Rev. Dr. Jon Walton

First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York


Some Comments from our Groups 

If you want a fantastic history and view of Scotland then go with Scotus Tours. We did and experienced a truly magnificent trip of a lifetime! Jim Wallace, our very organized, friendly and knowledgeable tour guide, went out of his way to make our trip wonderful.

Mike & Kathie,
Portland, Oregon

…a wonderful introduction to Scotland and its sacred heritage…from engaging conversation over meals to opportunities for a variety of worship experiences. Jim and his team made everything from preparation to farewell back to The States thoughtfully convenient, deeply enjoyable, and suitably educational. Comments upon return from my group members included: “This is the best trip I have ever experienced!” to “Can we return year after next?”

Thanks again for everything!

Rev. Lenore Turner Scales,
Associate Pastor for Christian Education and Youth,
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Huntersville, NC

The tour was perfectly paced, relaxed, and personal. You were organized, welcoming, and added a nice personal touch…….I look forward to organizing another group in the future.

Rev. Phil Brown,
St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Dunwoody, GA

…the wonderful people of Scotland were warm and welcoming to the 25 people who traveled with St. Luke’s on a pilgrimage exploring the roots of Presbyterianism. These adults engaged with some of the oldest churches from the protestant reformation, stood in the “thin place” of Iona Abbey, and wandered through castles of prominence and power.

After looking for Nessie at Loch Ness and seeing some amazing sheep dogs with their master, we headed to the land of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. We ventured to the eastern coast, walked along the beaches at St. Andrews, and worshiped in one of the churches that started the Reformation in Scotland. Our last few days were spent around Edinburgh experiencing the deep history of Edinburgh Castle, St. Giles Cathedral, and the home of John Knox.

Each morning on the bus, as we headed for the day’s adventure, group members offered devotions that brought depth to the amazing places we visited. From the picturesque seaside cliffs of the Western Islands, to the towering snowcapped mountains of the highlands, to the sheep-scattered hills of the midlands, to the steeple-scattered city landscapes of the lowlands, God’s good creation was on display. …Scotland became a metaphor for us to remember that, though things change around us, our faith and the faith of the Saints who have come before us endures. We connected with the saints and with each other on our final night as we shared communion around one table in the heart of Edinburgh.

Our group developed close bonds with our history and each other. Our leader-pastor in Scotland, Rev. James Wallace - “Jim” - shared his country with open arms, a great sense of humor, and a clear understanding that were are all in the journey of faith together

Newsletter Article from St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Dunwoody, GA:

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